A pet is any animal that has been domesticate to provide companionship or pleasure to its keeper. Animals are part and parcel of our lives since they  freely live in our environments. To avoid conflict with animals, it is very important that people learn to live around them. It is due to this that people have chosen to domesticate some of these animals and use them as pets. Examples of pets include but are not limited to dogs, parrots, cats, monkeys and rabbits just to mention but a few.


Whereas most pets are used for companionship, others like dogs might be utilized to solve security related issues. A dog that has been properly trained is able to chase away thieves and Bulgars. At the same time, a thoroughly trained dog can also be used to catch law offenders. However, there are different dog breeds in existence today.


Pets can also be used to help blind people find direction. Visually impaired people usually depend on trained pet dogs for this. This is due to the fact that dogs have a great sense of direction.


Animal pets like cats also help keep off rats and snakes. Rats have been known to destroy food reserves whenever they invade our homes. As they start breeding, they provide a reliable food source for snakes and other predators. However, cats help keep their numbers at bay. Also, cats are known to kill snakes and in this way they protect residents of a home from attacks  from venomous creatures. Purchase the fence here!


In other disciplines, certain pets are used for transportation related purposes. Taking horses for instance, they are domesticated since they very easy to tame. In addition, they can be friend to be efficient racers on racecourses. Due to their ability to run fast, they qualify as the cheapest and fastest mode of transportation on areas that do not have access to modern roads and vehicles.


On the other hand, pets like monkeys are very intelligent. In countries where people are allowed to domesticate them, people use them as personal servants. This is because a monkey has the ability to pick up items with its highly evolved  hands and deliver them safely to its owner.



Finally, pets are used for companionship. Their flurry covering makes them to be adored mostly by young children. Bunnies are the most ideal companions for humans apart from dogs. Therefore, it is evident that pets are animals that can easily be domesticated and used to suit human demands. You can buy it here!